Degree Programs

Our undergraduate degree offers two groups of programs: The History Teaching and the General History programs. In purpose to cultivate talented students who are intensively specialized both in Chinese and foreign history, students are required to complete all courses of the following 4 major categories: History of Taiwan, History of China, World History and the Applied History. For History Teaching group, additional courses were designed for the students-Methods of Teaching History, History Teaching Practice, etc. To follow the trends of the social changes, educational reform and historical research, various application courses were added to enhance the competitiveness and employment opportunities, such as: Oral History, Audio-Visual Historiography, History and Government Management, Museum Guides, and Historical Sites Guidance and Cultural Tourism. Students of the General History group need to complete 128 credits of the required courses designed by the University and the Department, for the History Teaching group, additional 26 credits of the Educational courses must be completed included within the 154 credits of the total graduation requirement.

      To incorporating the main academic characteristics, our graduate programs stress on the studies of History of China and Taiwan History. In addition to professional history teaching courses, we stress on Historical Method, Historical Theory, and Thesis Writing as our goals to develop the ability of independent research of our students.
      Recently, an academic research of “ethnic group discussion and state governance” was set up for the development of the “Ethnic Political Research Office” which will be established.
        M.A. Students are required to take a minimum of 24 credits within 2-4 years of course work (including 4 credits of compulsory credits), while the Ph.D. students must take a minimum of 20 credits within 4-7 years of course work. Aside from course work, both M.A. and PH.D. students are also required to pass a preliminary written examination and an oral defense of their theses. 

      Our program was established and aim to cultivates more proficient middle school teachers by providing a suitable venue to enhance their History teaching skills and research abilities. Courses are designed to follow our main educational goals and core ability cultivation to respond the trends of the rapid change society and market need by covering the following courses: History of Taiwan, History of China, World History, and Historical Theory. These courses will lead to achieve both of our main academic objectives-Teaching and Research. Aside from 2 compulsory courses of methodology, the other courses are elective, students will need to complete 28 credits and pass the oral examination for their degree fulfilment.

To respond to the trends of the increasingly diversity of social environment and the change of the Ministry of Education’s policy of “Teacher Education”, aside from encouraging the students to take 2nd major courses, our department is now active to plan and offer professional courses of Applied History incorporate with our affiliate department of NTNU, including: Institute of Taiwan History, Department of Chinese Literature , Department of Social Education, and Department of Citizen Education and Activity Leadership, etc. All undergraduate and graduate students who completed the full 20 credits will be qualified to get the certification of the program.       

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