Library Collections

The library and periodical room of the department are located on the 3rd floor of the Qin Building of the Faculty of Arts. The library opens from monday to friday  at 8:30-12:00 & 13:30-17:00.The borrowing and returning system has been connected to the school library for management, check on the library website (please click on the image below to open the link) to search for relevant information.

Check up the library borrowing rules of our school. Press here



The current collection of books (including reference books) is 55,473. 

Please check up the webpage of “National Taiwan Normal University Library” for the collection information of this department.

Currently in possession of periodicals in the collections are 290 Chinese periodicals, 250 Chinese periodicals, 106 Western periodicals, 89 Japanese periodicals, and 40 Korean periodicals.

◎Chinese Periodicals  :Press here
◎China Periodicals      :Press here
◎Western Periodcals   :Press here
◎Japanese Periodcals :Press here
◎Korean Periodcals     :Press here



There are currently 793 volumes of video tapes, 233 kinds of VCD/DVD/teaching CDs and other materials.

◎Video tapes collections:Press here(09/06/15)
◎VCD/DVD for teaching collections:Press here(09/06/15)

there are currently 4 online databases ordered.

State Papers Online

China Modern Newspaper databases–Shen Bao
Period :none
Restricted :only use in school

China & Japan ancient books databases– Ching’s primary sources “Five dyansties political classics”
Period :none
Restricted :only for two people online in school

Four librarys banned & burned collections
Period :none
Restricted :only for one person online  in school

◎Chinese library TEL:(02)7734-1503  Miss Lin 
                                     (02)7734-1505  Miss Won
◎Periodical room TEL:(02)7734-1507  Miss Ou