Bulletin of Historical Research

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The “Bulletin of Historical Research” was founded in 1973. It was published once a year and is an annual publication. Since 2005, it has been published in June and December each year ,and it is a semi-annual publication and has been published continuously for more than 40 years. The “Bulletin of Historical Research” has a review system. The content is rated as the main part of historical introduction, research and discussion, and books; the papers published in the past years are solid in content and are all high-level works. It also  included in the list of THCI Core journals.

Bulletin of Historical Research” participated in the annual humanities and social sciences journal evaluation in 2001. It was approved by the Center for Humanities and Social Sciences and was published from 1997 to 1999. It has been recognized for academic quality.

★ The call for paper of “Bulletin of Historical Research”  
Bulletin of Historical Research” (hereinafter referred to as this journal) is an excellent academic journal with historical traditions in China, and has been repeatedly subsidized by the National Science Council. In 2004, it was again included in the National Science Council “Taiwan Humanities Citation Index Core Journal” (THCI Core), becoming one of the representative academic journals of history in China. In the future, we still look forward to the continued support of advanced historical scholars.

The 55th issue of this journal has been published. From now on, the 56th issue of “Bulletin of Historical Research” will be solicited. All monographs, research discussions, and book reviews on history are welcome, please refer to the following the call for paper of “Bulletin of Historical Research“.

The Editorial Committee of “Bulletin of Historical Research” sincerely.

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Historical Education

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“Historical Education” was founded in 1997 and is a semi-annual publication. “Historical Education” has a review system. The content of the call for papers includes research and discussion on related topics such as historical education thoughts, teaching objectives, teaching materials and teaching methods, and teaching evaluation, as well as reports on various history teaching information. Domestic scholars concerned about the development of history education An important publication for experts and history teachers at all levels to discuss historical education issues.

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Historical Cultivation

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“Historical Cultivation” was founded in 1995 and has published 18 issues so far (2020). It is a place for postgraduates of this department to publish papers and make friends with literature. “Historical Cultivation” has a censorship system, and the content of the publication is limited to history monographs, research discussions, and book ratings. There are many excellent works and original ideas published over the years.

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